Code of Ethics

Alliance Reiki Universel Inc. also known as A.R.U., as an organization, wants to assure the quality of the professional activities performed by its members.

The members of the Alliance Reiki Universel Inc. are governed by the following CODE OF ETHICS. This code is designed as a summary of Reiki Masters’ responsibilities towards their commitment to themselves, their colleagues and their clients.

The Alliance Reiki Universel Inc. and its board of directors disclaim all responsibility and possibility of legal action to its administrators in cases where a Reiki Master member of A.R.U. contravenes the A.R.U. code of ethics, causing harm, prejudice or loss to any person.




These values which nourish the personal and professional lives
of Reiki Masters call for the following behaviors:

A. Master on a daily basis

A.1. I maintain cordial and respectful relationships under all circumstances. I demonstrate honesty, tact, and objectivity, so that relationships are mutually respectful and rewarding.

A.2. I avoid criticizing my colleagues, clients and other health care providers. I exercise discretion concerning their private and professional lives.

A.3. I respect my commitments in all circumstances and I assume the responsibilities that come with them in a spirit of service, collaboration and joy.

B. Spirit of the group

B.1. As a Reiki Master, I pledge to stimulate the interest of other Reiki masters to join the group so as to benefit from the advantages offered by the A.R.U.

B.2. When I witness judgment, comparison or criticism towards another member, I invite that member to express this to the person concerned.

B.3. I become conscious that each experience is an opportunity for personal growth.

B.4. I recognize the talents of each master, knowing that he offers his best.

C. Therapist’s Responsibility

C.1. I greet my clients with respect, I listen to them and guide them with humility and
discernment to make their own decisions.

C.2. I refrain from giving diagnosis and I avoid all promise of healing. I direct them to a health specialist when the situation warrants.

D. Respect for the integrity of REIKI teachings according the the Dr. Usui method

D.1. As a new trainer, before sharing the essence of Reiki, I recognize the importance of taking time to integrate the teachings and to prepare myself by participating in some A.R.U. master trainer’s classes and by taking notes for each level.

D.2. As an A.R.U. Master Reiki trainer, I pledge to preserve intact the initiation rituals as well as the symbols.

D.3. I respect the rates set, the minimum length that has been proposed for each workshop, as well as the integration period requested between each level as proposed in the A.R.U. protocol.

D.4. I purchase from the group the teaching material prepared solely for the Reiki trainers who are members of the A.R.U.

D.5. If I choose to leave the A.R.U. and become an independent Master, by respect and coherence, I pledge to refrain from using my member number and all the advantages and documents published by the group, such as the teaching material, diplomas, leaflets and all forms of A.R.U. publicity.

The Reiki Master takes a step each day towards mastery

A.R.U. Code of Ethics

Revised version May 26, 2021

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