Discover Reiki

Reiki is an ancient healing science forgotten for millennia until Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered it at the end of the 1800’s.

The word Reiki is of Japanese origin and means  « Universal Life Force Energy». This pure energy is imbued with wisdom, consciousness and compassion as well as unbiased, unconditional and universal Love

Reiki enables the activation and use of Life Force Energy flowing through all living things from birth.  Reiki brings balance to the Life Force Energy according to its needs, favoring healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The best of one’s self is awakened and strengthened through Reiki.

Light + Love = Energy of Well Being

The scope of Reiki is great. It is as effective on animals, plants and inert matter as it is on humans. Furthermore, it can travel through time and act on situations.

Reiki presents itself as a means of awakening and a path to our global transformation. In short, it can be used to promote general well-being or as a complement to traditional or alternative approaches to health.

“In becoming a Reiki channel, we align
with the rhythm of the Universe
and its Consciousness.”

– Dr. Usui

Recognizing a Reiki Master

A Reiki Master is known for his humility, honesty and respect towards himself and others. He can also be recognized by the non-judgment, compassion, love and joy of life that he spreads around him.

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