Gathering, Reenergizing and Continuous Education…

Welcoming Remarks

The members of Alliance Reiki Universel (A.R.U.) represent a family of souls who work towards the mastery of the Spiritual Being, the awakening to its inner beauty and to its profound realization.

The A.R.U. wishes to establish the conditions that promote the recognition of each member’s unique value while leading them to recognize their great potential. The group thereby aims to make a difference on earth through its energy of Love and Light.

The A.R.U. encourages Reiki Masters trained by its A.R.U. Master teachers to join the group so that together we can amplify its effect each and every day.

Welcome to our family!

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Alliance Reiki Universel

A.R.U. is commonly used to designate this non-profit group of Reiki Masters whose intention is to promote, develop and transmit Reiki teachings according to Dr. Usui’s method, passed down to us since the 1800’s.

A code of ethics summarizes the responsibilities and commitments Reiki Masters and Teachers follow when deciding to become members of the Alliance Reiki Universel Inc. An annual membership fee is required..

Reiki helps us to know, recognize and love oneself.

Our Mission

A.R.U.’s mission is to organize group activities for its members where sharing is encouraged and bonds of friendship can flourish. These gatherings provide the opportunity to raise our consciousness and elevate our vibrations.

The group seeks to inform as many people as possible, through its members and in particular its Master Teachers, of the benefits of Reiki on our health and well-being.

The A.R.U. is also working on developing a variety of potential workshops and conferences providing a means of renewal and reenergizing for members as required.

Our History

The Alliance Reiki Universel (A.R.U.) started its activities in January 2000. A group of Reiki Masters decided to unite their efforts to positively influence the vibration in their lives and of the entire planet!

The abbreviation A.R.U., Amour (Love) – Responsibility – Unification was decided upon to represent the values of the group.

From the start, the creation of several committees stimulates the commitment of members. Special attention was put on the development of training manuals for each Reiki level. The goal in doing so was to respect Master Usui’s teachings and to ensure uniformity and quality of training manuals for all participants.

In the service of unconditional love for over 20 years!
Join us!