Dear Reiki Master

You wish to join our group to share your experiences, continue on the path of your heart’s awakening and become a member of a great family?

It is with joy and gratitude that we welcome you. Each member is  for us a precious gift. Let’s unite to cultivate the Energy of Love and create a better world.

We welcome you, Namaste!

Admission Criteria

Become a member by completing your Master Level with an A.R.U. Master Teacher.

  • Each member must commit to respect the Code of Ethics.
  • An annual membership fee is required.

What the A.R.U. offers its members

  • Affiliation to a group of professionals that works to maintain the integrity of Reiki teachings and practices according to the Usui method;
  • Opportunity to meet with other members during the annual meeting hosted by the Joy Committee. Surprises, time to connect with others, dancing and other activities are on the agenda;
  • Access to the Newsletter « Le Messager » (mostly french), in which members can express themselves and share  experiences that enrich their lives and/or information that contributes to the development and enlightenment of members;
  • Opportunity to participate via ZOOM to the Annual General Meeting (AGM), learn more about the organization, and an invitation to  join a committee and take an active role following your interest and talents;
  • Special attention from the Events Committee on your birthday;
  • Access to the Reiki Chain Committee (email group) which provides energetic support to members and loved ones when needed;
  • Opportunity to participate during reenergizing activities, coming to you soon via ZOOM, with guest speakers or members that wish to share;
  • Members are invited to participate in the evolution of the A.R.U. by getting involved in different committees, sharing in this experience of collaboration, developing friendships and making a contribution that makes a difference.

Also offered to A.R.U. certified Reiki Teachers

  • Participant manuals for Levels 1-2-3 and Master – offered in French and English.
  • Participant manual Level 1 / Youth – offered in French and English.
  • A.R.U. certified diplomas and a wallet size card for each level.
  • Pamphlet describing the A.R.U. and REIKI.
  • Teaching and other supplies.
  • Activities to share expertise and further develop skills for current and future A.R.U. Teachers.

Procedure to follow


In the service of unconditional love for over 20 years!
Join us!