Training Protocol and Rates

Please note. Teaching materials were designed exclusively for active teachers of the Alliance Reiki Universal Inc.

Reiki / Adults

New rates effective October 1st 2022

Protocol suggested and adopted by Teachers present during the September 2022 A.G.M.

RatesRegular Price* Student Price
Level 1$185$140
Level 2$250$190
Level 3$600$400
Master Level$1000$800

* Student rate is valid upon presentation of a full time student card during registration

Rates when attending a previously completed level

Once initiated by an A.R.U. Master teacher you may attend Level 1 and/or Level 2 workshops as often as desired, as per the following conditions:

  • During registration, present wallet size card or diploma attesting to the Reiki level attained;
  • Your Master teacher may request a $20 fee when attending a workshop. This fee is “required” if it is another Master teacher’s workshop.

For Levels 3 and/or Master, the following procedure applies:

  • During registration, present wallet size card or diploma attesting to the Reiki level attained;
  • The amount of $100 is required by all A.R.U. Master teachers.

For a person who has a level 1 Reiki diploma issued by a teacher other than an A.R.U. Master teacher:

  • A copy of Level 1 diploma is required;
  • The amount of $140 is required to follow Level 1 (This includes attunement rituals, the workbook and the A.R.U. diploma).

To pursue Levels 2, 3 and Master with an A.R.U. Master teacher, the initiate must present his A.R.U. diploma for the previous level and pay the regular amount for the desired workshop.

Minimum age for Reiki attunement ritual for adults
LevelAgeWorkshop Duration
Level 1152 days *
Level 2162 days
Level 3203 days
Master Level213 days

* Plan and evening of information

Integration period between each workshop
Between Levels 1 and 2minimum 1 month
Between Levels 2 and 3minimum 6 months
Between Levels 3 and Masterminimum 1 year

Reiki / Youth

Protocol suggested and adopted by Teachers present during the September 2018 A.G.M.

LevelRateAgeWorkshop Duration
1 / Youth100$minimum
10 years old
1 day
(4 attunements)

Level 1 / Youth – Workshop Prerequisites

  • It is important that one parent be a Reiki initiate.
  • Before registration, it is suggested the Master teacher’s information with a photo be provided to the youth, to help him determine if the Teacher is appropriate. (It is important to respect the wishes of the youth over that of the parent).

Before the age of 10

  • It is possible to offer “energy awareness” workshops with games or exercises adapted for them, allowing them to become familiar with energy. (Workshops must not include attunement rituals and are not governed by the A.R.U.)

Level 2  Workshop Prerequisites

  • Youths, minimum age 16 years old, who have been initiated level 1 / youth by an A.R.U Reiki Master must attend at no charge a Level 1 / Adult (workshop) prior to attending level 2. They must present a copy of their A.R.U. level 1 Youth diploma.  A fee of $20 is required for the Level 1 Adult manual.
  • It is important to verify that the participant has received the 4 attunement rituals during the Level 1 / youth.  If not, he must attend Level 1 / Adult and pay the full amount.

When attending, as a visitor, a Level 1 / Youth workshop of another A.R.U. Reiki Teacher

  • For those who have been initiated by a Reiki Master Teacher member of the A.R.U. (upon presentation of their A.R.U. diploma),  Rate:  $10.
  • If the diploma is not issued by an A.R.U Master teacher, the regular rate of $140 is applicable.
  • To assist as an A.R.U. visitor to the teachings of Level 1 / Youth of your A.R.U. Master teacher, the asking rate is at the discretion of the Teacher.

If a parent wants to attend his child’s workshop

  • It is important to advise the parent who wishes to attend the Level 1 / Youth workshop that it is preferable that he keeps a discreet presence to avoid disciplining and to allow the child to express himself freely.

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