Reiki Levels

The Reiki Usui method is taught in 4 separate levels…

Each level is followed by a period of integration and harmonization  allowing the body and its energy centers the time to adapt to a new level of energy frequency.

Level Youth (Physical Body)

Reiki for youths includes four attunements that permanently activates the channel through which Reiki Energy enters and flows in the body. This level teaches the Auto Treatment method. This one-day workshop includes a presentation of Dr Usui’s story, the principles of Reiki and the chakra system. It is completed with information on Reiki given to animals, plants and objects. The youth awakens and becomes conscious of the Energy of Love that is present in and around him.

Level 1 (Physical Body)

Reiki level 1 includes four attunements that permanently activates the channel through which Reiki Energy enters and flows in the body.  This level teaches the Auto Treatment method and introduces the procedure  of treatment to others. Included is an overview of Reiki on animals, plants and objects. The Reiki principles are presented. Consciousness awakens and self-love unfolds.

Level 2 (Subtle Bodies)

Reiki level 2 includes two attunements that strengthen the process that began during level 1. It stimulates intuition and gives access to higher levels of consciousness. The initiate receives the teachings of three sacred symbols which intensify the flow of Reiki Energy and increase the effectiveness of Treatments. The procedure for treatment to others is revised and the Values of the Reiki practitioner are presented. The Distant Treatment and the Situation Treatment “in time” techniques are also taught.

Level 3 (Consciousness)

Reiki level 3 includes one attunement and the teachings of a fourth sacred symbol. This level uses mindfulness to oneself and to one’s surroundings to awaken the conscience to all that is. This state of consciousness encourages the initiate to responsibly create their own life.  Afterwards, if he desires, the initiate can participate in the attunement process of the first two levels.

Master Level (Commitment)

Reiki Master Level includes one attunement and a fifth sacred symbol. At this level, the initiate consciously commits to become Master of his life, one day at a time. He recognizes the beauty of his divine essence and applies himself to co-create consciously. The Reiki Master becomes a teacher of light through his example and his radiance. Each of his thoughts, words and actions are sustained Divine Essence. Harmony, infinite love, joy and a profound peace are accessed.

A.R.U. Teachers

A.R.U. Master teachers are governed by a code of ethics and are committed to honor and maintain the sacred aspect of Reiki teachings according to Dr. Usui.

Each A.R.U. Master teacher’s mission is to inspire those who come to him to discover oneself and to recognize the beauty within. With humility and simplicity he guides the individual to awaken to his inner beauty and the importance of self-love.

Teachings are given with open mindedness and respect for the pace of the person’s evolution, while stimulating and promoting individual autonomy.

Recognizing a Reiki Master

A Reiki Master is known for his humility, honesty and respect towards himself and others. He can also be recognized by the non-judgment, compassion, love and joy of life that he spreads around him.

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